Global real estate offers investment opportunities to diversify portfolios by investing in companies worldwide that own real estate, including office, apartment, industrial and hotel properties.


Holding only Canadian residential real estate can leave investors overly exposed to one market place.  Investing in a global network of real estate spreads ownership to minimize risk.


  • Income generation. Income is derived in many different currencies.
  • Return enhancement. World-wide company ownership carry potential benefits, including competitive returns.
  • Global investment opportunity. This fund is designed to provide investors with exposure to potential real estate investment opportunities beyond Canadian borders.
  • Real estate ownership offers portfolio diversification. Given their moderate correlation to traditional stocks and bonds, real estate ownership is considered an effective portfolio diversifier.
  • Global, multi-manager approach. Two experienced real estate sub-advisers. While the sub-advisers take an active investment approach to selecting the securities, each intends to emphasize slightly different investment selection criteria. For instance, with one sub-adviser focusing on valuation and another prioritizing cash flow growth, their complementary approaches are intended to yield a well-diversified portfolio.