Real Estate is tough enough without the constant changing world of marketing. Your best work is done with the customer, not taking pictures, designing marketing materials and then hoping they work.  After working with Real Estate Agents for over 2 years we listened and heard what you need ~ an all in one solution.  We specialize in real estate marketing because quite frankly, there is a huge need, plus we love it!  Social Media for real estate agents can be tricky and time consuming.  As a real estate agent you will either spend time or you will spend money to get a result in your business.  What is your time worth?  You have been to the classes and heard the experts, social media, blogging and SEO for real estate is a must for you to sustain market share.  How do you accomplish all of those things while you are dealing with the mounds of additional paperwork and regulations to buy or sell a home today?  You can’t do it all, but you should look like you do and that is where your partnership with Global Investments  comes in.


 Design Services
Leave your mark with fresh and bold design. We design and print letterhead, business cards and collateral as well as marketing and advertising pieces. Build a better brand with a bold design that gets buyers and sellers.  Your identity is constantly communicating with clients and prospects, are you saying what you really want to say?

Social Connections Management
Social Connection Management is your way of connecting to new prospects as well as maintaining a connection with existing customers.  With so many resources to connect with an audience, how do you know where and how to spend your time?  We skillfully manage your social presence with proven strategies.

Blogging Integration
60% of Businesses now blog for additional traffic to their website and additional mind share with the consumer. The question is are you?  We have a successful track

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record of providing quality content and blog integration into websites and IDX integrated websites.  Get the traffic, gain the trust, get to the closing table.

HD Video/Aerial Tours
Put your competition virtual tours to shame with our HD production cinematic tours.  Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) allows for shots that you simply can’t get with traditional house tours. According to the National Association of Realtors a consumer is 80% more likely to contact a Realtor after seeing a video on a property.  Is your phone ringing enough?

Real Estate Websites
Sometimes you don’t want a template or something that everyone else has.  If you want bold, exciting design with the latest technology and lead generation tools we need to talk!  We are a preferred vendor for IDX integration and offer easy and simple one stop design and listing services. As a Google Certified Agency Partner we are versed in the latest SEO strategies.





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