Welcome To Global Sales, Lease, Investments Inc.

We are a privately held equity firm doing business in Seattle, United States, and Victoria, Canada. Our commercial concerns involve international accommodations, development of bare lands, and innovative project investment. Primary companies are Global Sales, Leasing, Investment Inc., Global Developments Inc., and Direct Capital Asset, LLC. We are well placed in many market places to move success along where funding or expertise are now a hindrance.

We provide growth capital in exchange for a position in your company. A personal guarantee is necessary but collateral requisites are negotiable. The purchase of preferred stock or convertible debentures is welcome. All enterprises are seriously considered. There are no limits to imagination as is our support for your project or company. We could be the right people for you If your business or venture is stalled due to money and/or development capability. Our silent-partnerships are simple. We provide the finances along with the experience and you provide the know-how. Together we both make success a reality. We can perform in the USA as easily as in Canada, or within Europe generally.

Thank you for keeping us in mind and we await your call.

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